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"Heal yourself"

How the maniac tries to blow up a wedding.

At the beginning, the maniac, psychotic, tries to prevent the wedding of the senior physician. Not because he loves her. But because he worships her, let's call her "Foxy", an androgynous flame, like the moon worships Venus. Platonic. The bitter truth is that he could never explain this difference to her.

Or let's start even earlier. In his favorite café, he sees Foxy at the bachelorette party. She wears ivy in her hair, which gave him the impression that she was an elf. Because at that time he was already suffering from psychosis.

Or even earlier. He makes a psychiatrist know he is depressed. He is manic. The prescribed antidepressants taken for weeks send him directly into drug-induced psychosis on the "Stairway". Valentin Zweischwarz, his manic, second self, is born. After a brawl with a policeman, he finds himself on the asphalt in front of the psychiatric ward's emergency room.

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