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1980. A boy is born with bipolar affective disorder according to his own assessment.

2002. As a young creative, he is diagnosed with BAS. His predisposition makes him write. And cry sometimes. And hide behind "Vz80108 Com".
A little later he is in psychiatry. In it, he begins to write under a pseudonym on "The Last Inventors". Without knowing. Out of defiance.  Because a certain senior physician still did not consider him cured. We come back to her. Later, it is a bet to complete the book in a year. That is, to bring out the hypomanic aspect of his illness, the so-called "flood of thoughts", as a positive creative force.

He is unemployed. A stroke of luck. He meets the fine spirit, philanthropist and project maker Roland Kipper.

In 2022, they decide to bring up Christian's novel project with like-minded people and artists in a multimedia way. The vision is to transfer classic art genres into the digital medium of non-fungible tokens. Later this year. The question is: Will their plan work out and the art project a success? Or does it fail because of the shortcomings of Christian's disposition? This blog follows their path...


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